We are online suppliers who utilize crowd-sourced buyers to purchase products for resale. Buyers purchase products that are shipped to one of our receiving centers, where we handle the rest.

As a buyer, you receive access to limited deals and promotions to buy and ship to us. Each deal appears as a GIG on Buyer Gig. When gigs go live, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to start buying that product. Place as many orders as you can. For each product purchased, Buyer GIG pays a commission. That is on top of the cash value of points and miles being earned on your credit cards.

After placing your order, you submit your order on the GIG’s detail page. Once you receive the shipping tracking code, you enter it in to your account by My Orders. Once we have your shipping tracking code, we track your order until it is received at one of our receiving centers.

We offer multiple receiving centers to help you place multiple orders without having them canceled (due to limits per household). You avoid order cancellations by rotating between receiving centers as well as accounts and payment methods.

Once your product(s) has arrived at our receiving center, we release payment for the product(s) plus your commission (profit). You can track your orders and payments in you member’s portal. To track payments log in to your account and go to My Payments.

Buy as much as your credit allows and enjoy many additional benefits as listed below.

To make Buyer GIG a lucrative asset and to maximize your profits, we recommend buying on a daily basis, especially during the busy seasons. Whenever there are Gigs live, it is an opportunity to earn. Just log on, go to the GIGs page, and start buying.

Buy as much as you can. By using the right credit card, rotating between accounts and receiving centers, and buying daily, you are guaranteed to make a sizable income via Buyer GIG

Learn how to properly leverage product deals and promotions to maximize your buying potential. With our continuously growing user guides we help you further increase your income and benefits.

Work Remotely

Work from anywhere. As long as you have internet you can buy. Simply log into your account, see what products are available to order, and start buying.

Hassle Free

We handle all receiving, handling, and selling. You get paid as soon as your products have been delivered to one of our receiving centers.

Increase Your Credit

By charging large orders and paying off your credit cards within the billing cycle, you increase both your credit limit and your credit score.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

No computer? No Problem. Work from any device connected to the internet. Add a shortcut to your device's home screen so you can track your payments better.

No experience necessary

We don't require any buying or sales experience. As long as you are a U.S. citizen and over the age of 18, you can register. Get started any time.

Personalized Guides

Become an efficient buyer to help maximize your earnings. Our guides teach you how to have a no-hassle experience, with the most benefits and earnings gained.

Become an Exclusive Member

Join our community of e-commerce buyers who make a living when and where they choose. Earn as much as you're able to buy.

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What if my order is lost or damaged?

In the rare case any of the products arrive damaged or missing, a claim will be opened until a refund is offered either by us or by the seller.

How often does Buyer GIG pay me?

Payment is issued either weekly on Fridays or monthly on the 15th, depending on your payment setup. We offer ACH bank transfers and E-checks.

Is there a limit to how much I can buy?

Yes! Depending on the Gig available, there may be a limit of products per customer. As a member of Buyer Gig, you will learn to avoid that limit and buy as much as you can.