How you can use Buyer Gig to increase spending to accumulate credit card points, hotel rewards, and airline miles.

Having a credit card grants you the freedom to purchase items that you need if you’re unable to pay for it at that very moment. Additionally, many credit cards reward you with points, rewards, and special offers whenever you use their card. These points can be redeemed for things like hotel accommodations, airline miles, restaurants, gas stations, and even cash-back. The longer you have a credit card and the better you are at paying off your credit card debt, the better your credit score will be. Additionally, it will increase your credit limit over time. 

How spending and repaying credit cards builds your credit and increases your spending limit.

When you get a credit card, you’re initially trusted to always repay your debts in a timely fashion. By continuously spending money and then paying back your credit card, you’ll eventually be able to increase your spending limit so you can make more expensive purchases. 

The Importance of Credit

Your credit score is the number of your creditworthiness. Lenders like banks, realtors, and car dealerships may look at this number and determine if you qualify for a loan. By always paying your credit card back on time, you’re improving your credit score. In turn, you’re also improving your trust with these companies in order to get a bank loan, pay the mortgage on your house, or buy a car. These companies need to see that you’re trustworthy in your payments, and this is one of the first places they’re going to look. 

Not only will using your credit card increase your credit score, but after years and years of paying back your credit, your credit card limit will increase. If you’ve started with a $2000 limit, you may now have a $5000 limit, and so on. Over the years, the more you use your credit card and pay it back, the more of a monetary limit you’ll have. Both your limit and your credit score increase.

Manufactured Spending

First off, let’s define manufactured spending. This is when you purchase an item using credit, which is then converted to and used as cash to repay the credit charge. This allows you to accumulate points and miles (by charging the card) but not spend any money.

Let’s say you purchase a $300 gift card, which can be used anywhere. This purchase gives you 300 points, or more. Now you take that gift card and use it to repay the credit card debt, before the billing cycle begins, and the debt starts to accumulate interest. You now are left with 300 points without having spent any money (minus possible processing fees). Some credit card purchases give you 3x the points per $1 spent, or even higher. By using the right card in the appropriate purchase category , you maximize the amount of points gained on each purchase.

The real value comes with credit card sign up bonuses. By signing up to certain credit cards and meeting a minimum spending requirement, you can be rewarded with tens of thousands of points in one shot. These can then be used for round trip flights abroad, or multiple flights domestically. They can afford you free nights at leading hotel chains around the country, and even be converted into cash to be used anywhere.

Using Buyer Gig to Collect Credit Card Points

This is where Buyer Gig comes in. With Buyer Gig, you can work remotely and make purchases in your own time and space, using your credit cards. The more purchases you make, and the higher the charges on your card, the more points you will gain. Then, Buyer Gig will pay you for your purchases (plus a monetary profit), which you will then use to pay off your credit card purchases. Then use the points for free nights at hotels, free flights all across the world. With Buyer Gig, you will be able to make an income of cash as well as fund all your travels and adventurous ideas.

Using Buyer Gig to Collect Airline Miles

With Buyer Gig, you can improve your credit score by purchasing items with your credit card, which you’ll eventually profit from. There’s truly no way you won’t be able to pay back your credit card purchases you make with Buyer Gig. Buyer Gig will pay you back the price of the item plus a profit within a few days of your purchase, so you’ll always receive more than you spent. 

By using Buyer Gig, your credit score will quickly increase, and eventually, your credit limit. This is an easy way to work on your creditworthiness, especially if you’ve had trouble with it in the past. 

Another perk of Buyer Gig is the points you accumulate can also be used on things like traveling. Let’s say you’ve accumulated 10,000 credit card points solely from purchasing on Buyer Gig. If you take a look at the travel rewards, the 10,000 points may cover the entire cost of a flight somewhere, which means you won’t have to spend any money on the flight. Then, when you purchase the flight with your points, you simultaneously collect miles with the airline. When you have enough miles, you can eventually use these miles for free flights! Buyer Gig indirectly gets you airline miles for affordable and free travel. 

Get Started with Buyer Gig Today

Buyer Gig is an ideal platform to increase purchases on your credit cards, improve your credit rating, collecting points and miles, and increase the limit on your credit (which will lower the percentage of credit you are using, increasing your score even more). 

With Buyer Gig, you’ll be able to increase your credit card limit, make money, and virtually fly for free with the airline miles you indirectly collect.