This quick tutorial will tell you exactly how to setup your account so you can maximize your buying power when Gigs go live, and make sure you get paid on time.

Add Credit Cards

We recommend adding the names of credit cards you plan on using to buy products with. This will help you stay on top of your expenses and finances. When you submit products that you ordered, the credit card names you added will be available. This way you know which card was used with what order. You can manage your credit cards under My Account > Manage Credit Cards.

Manage Accounts

In addition to knowing which credit card was used for what order, it is also important to know which membership account was used to log into the seller's website (e.g. Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon). By adding the name or email used to login, you can keep track of all orders easily. Visit My Account > Manage Accounts

Once you are ready to start buying, visit our GIGs page to see if deals and products are available for you to buy. You can see the listed price, how much we pay, and how much profit you will make per product. Click on the product of your choosing to see more details. Since the seasons change, there will be times that you can buy non-stop and times where no Gigs are posted.

On the Gig’s details page you can find detailed instructions on properly buying the product. Make sure to follow these carefully and always double check that you are buying the product at the listed price on OUR site. When you are ready, click on the Buy Now button and start your order.

When checking out and completing your order, make sure the shipping address is exactly as one of our receiving centers, listed on the Submit Products Form (on the product’s detail page). After you place your order, you will be given an Order Confirmation Code. You want to copy the code over to the form at the bottom of the product’s details page. Fill out the rest of the form and hit submit.

Visit My Orders page to enter your Shipping Tracking # once you have it available (it should arrive in the email you used to place your order). This allows our team to track the order better and to receive and process it quicker, getting you paid faster.

If the status of the order is updated, especially a back-ordered or cancelled, go to My Orders and update the status of the order. Once the order is shipped you can track the processing and payment from My Payments. You can keep tracking your order until it is received.

Once your products are received by our receiving center, you will be able to track your payments from My Payments page. You need to setup your preferred payment method under My Account > Payment Setup

You will receive a purchase order once payment is issued. You can see past purchase orders by visiting Purchase Orders.

Payment Setup

Before you can get paid, we need to know how you prefer to be paid. Navigate to My Account > Payment Setup and select your preferred method of being paid. You can also select whether you prefer to get paid monthly or after your products arrive.